Breach of Peace [BoP] clan of the postapocalyptic zombie game Zombie Pandemic.
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 Builders and/or Recruiters :!:

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PostSubject: Builders and/or Recruiters :!:    Tue May 31, 2011 9:57 am

Are you a builder or recruiter? Are you interested in getting a promotion? Check the tips for building and recruiting here:


1. When building a new safehouse, you should check the location carefully first. Since there are no more enemy free locations, try to look for one with a low rate of enemies (some locations spawn more zombies than others) and that is close to several locations with barricading material (piles of bricks).

2. The entrance establishes the HP of the safehouse, if upgraded to level 3, the safehouse will have a max of 325 hp. This is the facility which should be leveled first.

3. Currently, some facilities should have priority over the others. Generators provide the power source of all the facilities so we should start with one in each safehouse; no more than one can be built in a safehouse. Lockers are also a priority.

4. The maximum level for training facilities is level 10 which allows to train up to level 200 of the corresponding skill.

5. Barricade items can be kept in lockers and be used as construction points later.

6. We only need one facility of each in the safehouses, except of course in the case of Living Quarters.

7. Dismantler titles will only be granted if a mistake when building is made. You'll understand why this title is not to be granted to anyone.


1. All players are welcomed to the clan, regardless of their level, nationality etc etc.

2. Try to keep an eye for trollers, especially in the global chat. Don't recruit players with offensive names or that enjoy making fun of others (in a mean way) in the global.

3. Never invite a member of another clan unless they ask you first.

If you're interested in these titles, post it here or send me a PM . Remember the rule is to be above level 15.
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Builders and/or Recruiters :!:
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