Breach of Peace [BoP] clan of the postapocalyptic zombie game Zombie Pandemic.
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 History of our name

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PostSubject: History of our name   Mon May 30, 2011 2:53 pm

Created on the very first day the main server of Zombie Pandemic opened, Breach of Peace has been through the history of the game, one of the most respectful and bigger clans of the server.

Our name comes directly from the legal term used in constitutional law in English-speaking countries, and in a wider public order sense in Britain. A breach of the peace was a common-law offense, but is presently governed by statute in many states. It is frequently defined as constituting a form of Disorderly Conduct. Examples include using abusive or obscene language in a public place, resisting a lawful arrest, and trespassing or damaging property when accompanied by violence.

Statutes commonly require that conduct constituting a breach of the peace must be clearly a type of misbehavior resulting in public unrest or disturbance. As an example, a prostitute who solicited men walking by on a public street from her window was found guilty of breaching the peace, but a man who raised his voice to a police officer while the officer was issuing a ticket to him was not guilty of the same offense.

A breach of the peace is synonymous with a disturbance of the peace. Jurisdictions that do not have a specific statutory provision for the offense may punish it as a form of disorderly conduct. The usual penalty imposed is either a fine, imprisonment, or both.
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History of our name
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